The AgVision Windows Payroll Program is available!

November 25, 2014

The AgVision Windows Payroll software is a total rewrite of the original AgVision Payroll version using the most current programming tools. It is "a piece of cake" to use, says Kyle Witthoft, of Witthoft Farm Supply in Ainsworth, Iowa. Activity processed in AgVision Payroll creates entries in the AgVision Financials.

With it, you can:

  • Reverse or void a posted payroll check.
  • Pay employees by check and ACH.
  • Have more than six payroll deductions.
  • Run payroll for multiple states from one payroll file.
  • Automatically assign multiple departments to salaried employees and expense their pay accordingly.
  • Process bonus checks more easily.
  • Designate and pay employees by commission, by specified quantity and by per piece rates.
  • Make changes to W-2 form entry requirements after the data has been accumulated for W-3 reporting purposes. This will be useful when the IRS makes changes to the form during the year or after year-end that require the information to be reported in different boxes on the form.
  • Automatically download new tax tables from AgVision.
  • Add an optional Time Clock entry screen where employees can check in and out for duty directly on the computer rather on an external time clock.

For more information or a software demonstration, call: 1.800.759.9492.

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AgVision Customers Say...

"Carol took the time to go through the features and show us more than we thought possible for this program. Every employee we saw seemed to go out of their way to introduce themselves, shake our hands and make us feel welcome. Some businesses have lost that. I'm sure you are proud of the employees and you should be."

Chris Mueller
Seatonville Elevator Company, Seatonville, Illinois
Customer since August 2001