Patron Equity, Customer History, 1099 and Informational Forms

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Patron Equity

  • Use the AgVision Patron Equity software to calculate and track members' stocks, dividend and investments in your cooperative.
  • Issues dividend checks, preferred stock and other investment stock. 
  • Consolidates sales and purchases into dividend categories.
  • Splits customer volumes and calculates dividends.
  • Calculates interest due on preferred stock certificates and indebtedness, and creates checks.
  • Creates checks and ACH files for the current year, prior year, and individual payouts.
  • Records unpaid patronage for up to 30 years for local and regional cooperatives; current year dividends, earnings declared but unpaid, tax credit and the current year; last cash distribution; and membership information.
  • Creates patron investment reports and statements, withholding statements, and dividend volumes.

Customer History

  • Collects, combines and reports on customer grain activity from the Commodity Manager and customer sales data from Accounts Receivable. This information is especially important for the Patron Equity software.
  • Creates dynamic reports for customer purchases and sales history recorded in Accounts Payable and Commodity Manager.
  • Data is live so reports and statements can be recreated and include the most current entries.
  • Generates reports by item and product categories, in detail and summary by both units and dollars.
  • Creates Customer History statements for any date range.
  • Prints paper and electronic statements to be mailed, e-mailed, backed up to another server or external media, and downloaded from your Web site using

1099 and Informational Forms

  • Collects data from Commodity Manager, Accounts Payable and Patron Equity software to create 1099s and 1096 reports. Information can be reported on paper and electronically.
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