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AgVision's standard accounting package includes Inventory, which includes Feed Manufacturing and Custom Mixing; General Ledger; Accounts Receivable with Prepaids, Bookings and Work Order; Accounts Payable with Purchase Orders and Purchase Contracts; Disbursements and Bank Reconciliation.

To complement your accounting software, you can add Point of Sale, Payroll, Patron Equity, Sales Commission, 1099 and Informational Forms, Bar Code Scanner Interface, Degree Day and Budget Billing, Gas Boy, Fertilizer Manager, Commodity Manager, and Customer History.

General Ledger

  • Retain data from prior fiscal years so you can better analyze, prepare and budget for multiple years.
  • Account for multiple locations and companies.
  • Easy to add or edit accounts and account types.
  • Quickly transfers transactions from one month or year to another.
  • Memorized transactions include recurring, reversing and cost allocation entries.
  • While entering transactions, quickly look up and select accounts from same window.
  • Sets up new accounts "on the fly" while making journal entries.
  • Drill down on accounts to transactions and view details.
  • Customize your own financial statements or use the standard reports we have set up for you.
  • Save your sort options and create lists of reports to run at a single printing with report scheduler.
  • Preview reports and print directly from previews.
  • Use comprehensive budgeting features to track income, expense and profitability projections.
  • Create color charts and graphs to illustrate account information.
  • Control and monitor access to the General Ledger with the AgVision Commander.

Accounts Receivable

  • Create, edit and print invoices and statements. Reprint current and past invoices and statements on paper or to file for e-mailing, or to view or print from
  • Create invoices and work orders for manufactured and custom mix feed. Use work orders to set aside inventory and print pick ships prior to invoicing.
  • Track and report sales of ingredients by lot number to meet FDA bookkeeping requirements.
  • Use queries to quickly see what and how much product is on hand to sell.
  • Track and report feed lot and formula data for close outs.
  • Create Booking, Prepaid and Grain Bank contracts. Edit and apply contracts during and after invoicing or mixing feed, increasing or decreasing your liabilities, your inventory or your customer's grain bank. Updates your DPR and inventory automatically. Do this all from one window.
  • "Credit Limit," "Cash Only" and "Chemical Permit Number Required" warnings display on screen while invoicing. Chemical comments, legal descriptions, EPA numbers, expiration dates, and permit numbers print on invoices.
  • Create and manage bar codes. Use scanners for inventory control and point of sale.
  • Point of Sale credit/debit card interface with Verifone.
  • Optional allows your customers secure access via your web site to invoices and statements for printing and payment.
  • Accept unlimited payment types including cash, credit and debit cards, and house credit. Supports prepayments, partial payments, split payments and standard billing splits. "Aged Balance due" displays when applying payments.
  • Prompt payment discounts are calculated by statement or invoice date. Customer aging applies to all product codes.
  • Sales tax tables allow for accurate reporting and disbursements to multiple taxing authorities by items and groups.
  • Comprehensive Customer Master has extra fields for storing information like cell phones, e-mail addresses, and international addresses. Past customers can be made inactive while saving important transaction history.
  • Create and print paper and electronic reports, including specialized fuel reports, lot history, and payment and sales history.
  • Security settings provide precise audit trails and access control.

Sales Commission (add-on)

  • Captures sales data from Accounts Receivable in dollars and quantities. Daily activity report shows number of items sold and their dollar amount, totals, by invoices and sales rep. Creates reports based on units and dollars, or commission points and dollars.

Accounts Payable, Disbursements and Bank Reconciliation

  • Record and pay invoices with just a few key strokes.
  • Use Purchase Contracts and Purchase Orders to book, lock in prices, prepay for products.
  • Pay and track freight costs on the same invoice that you use to pay for the product. Apply freight expenses to the inventory unit cost or direct the payments to a separate GL account. Assign the freight payment to the vendor or a separate carrier.
  • Settle grain payments to Accounts Payable for liability tracking or directly to disbursements for check creation.
  • Search for, add, and update vendor master records as you enter invoices.
  • Record and print the detail and total of your daily deposits.
  • Efficiently reconcile your debits and credits for each account to match your electronic and printed bank statements.
  • Print single or groups of checks to laser or dot matrix printers.
  • Reprint and reverse checks with a complete audit trail.
  • Assign payment types to more efficiently track direct deposits, on-line transfers, and transactions paid by ACH, check, cash, credit or debit card.
  • Create, update and access Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable andCommodity Manager vendor and customer IDs from Disbursements, allowing detailed deposit and check history reporting regardless of the payment's origin.
  • CoBank Positive Pay
  • Extensive reporting selections for printing current and historical data to paper, screen or electronic file.

Inventory, Feed Manufacturing and Custom Mixing

  • Receive and pay for all types of inventory items for single and multiple locations. Return received inventory just as easily.
  • Easy to update prices across multiple locations.
  • Transfer inventory between locations, from one window.
  • Automatically create a payable while receiving inventory, or receive inventory and create a payable later.
  • Track products, services, COGs and FIFO cost per item.
  • Calculate pricing by item or price code based on last cost, average cost, market value, markup or margin.
  • Create manufactured feed and custom mix formulas, and invoice customers for those products and services.
  • Draw from Booking and Prepaid contracts.
  • As you invoice for feed, apply grain bank from the Commodity Manager, and/or use the company-owned grain that you are selling to the customer.
  • Choose from a variety of mix sheet styles.
  • Use multiple units of measure for the same ingredients.
  • Track regulated ingredients by lot number to meet FDA bookkeeping and traceability requirements.
  • Track feed sales that have Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs).
  • Create numerous inventory reports to track product availability, costs, pricing and sales history.
  • Report by item, product code, category, and lot tracked items.
  • Audit trail for physical adjustments allows for accurate account of physical inventory.
  • Control who accesses inventory and track who makes adjustments.
  • Control and monitor access to Inventory with AgVision Commander.

Mail Labels

  • Print labels for mass mailings. Numerous sorting and printing options.
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