<< Back to Software gives you the tools so your customers have secure 24/7 Internet access to their accounts receivable, grain, and agronomy data. This software service is designed for desktops, tablets and smart phones.

This software service links your AgVision financial and inventory data to your company's web site. It gives your customers secure Internet access to their grain, accounts receivable, and agronomy information from anywhere 24/7.

Your customers can view and print reports (and download data) on their scale tickets, contracts, grain storage and grower statements. Growers can also submit grain offers at their convenience.

They can view at a glance balance summaries and then drill down for more detail on their accounts receivable information, including invoices and statements, bookings and prepaid balances.

They can view and print fertilizer blend sheets, field maps, any other custom documents.

Using the AgVisionAnytime Mailbox, manage and distribute customer-specific documents/records/messages to a single customer or groups of customers.  They receive e-mail notification automatically whenever content is loaded in their AgVisionAnytime Mailbox. For contact management, create, save and edit group lists to send targeted mailings to specific individuals or groups of customers.

Access is controlled and monitored by you. All accounts are password protected, and data is encrypted.


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AgVision Customers Say...

Sheree Vohs chose AgVision for her fertilizer business because it is reasonably priced, has everything she needs and includes quality software support. "It is a complete inventory package and has easy to understand invoices," she said.

Sheree Vohs
Quimby Ag, Quimby, Iowa
Customer since April 2014